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already bussy with a new song olso together with dj steeve

2010-08-04 14:49:41 by VictorMusic

my newest song is on!!

he`s finishd

2010-06-21 12:56:35 by VictorMusic

i`m happy richt now "cheer up'' is finishd. i created together with steven (dj steeve).

whats your favrites music genre??

2010-06-13 06:41:20 by VictorMusic

than i know what i gonna make

i gonna make a new song but i do'nt have inspiration. so what you want what i gonna make

example: dance or trance

DJ Victor is just started

2010-06-09 11:49:24 by VictorMusic

I`m right now busy with my newest song